Verbandsgemeinde Lambrecht (Pfalz)

Verbandsgemeinde Lambrecht (Pfalz)
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The Friedrichsbrunnen is the source of the Glashüttenbach stream. It was named after the Drachenfels Club, which renamed it "Siegfriedsbrunnen". In the official topographical map it is still listed as the Friedrichsbrunnen. According to legend, Siegfried killed the dragon here. The name Drachenfels is also derived from this.

In earlier years, the "Hoheberger Kerwe" of the Pfälzerwald-Verein Bad Dürkheim was celebrated in the area of the fountain. In the Rheinpfalz of Saturday, 5 August 1967, under the heading "Chronik der Heimat" (Chronicle of the homeland), reference was made to this event.

On to the Hoheberger Kerwe

A meeting of a very special kind. So the forest festival is dear and worthy / In the forest of our beautiful Haardt, The old values reversed / That rises every year just / For all people's benefit and piety. On the first Sunday in August! Whoever comes tomorrow is very welcome! The Hoheberger-Kerwe crowd / Where the wild fern sprouts, welcomes everyone! Greetings / Where the Siegfriedsbrünnlein flows cool, / Where all around only high mountains, / Where Siegfried went to work / To slay the evil dragon, / There people will meet tomorrow. For the "Hoheberger Kerwe" is celebrated here. Bad Dürkheim's Palatinate Forest Association, / Will meet there. And friends from all over the Palatinate, / Who set off on their merry way, / To meet up here with all the others after hours of hiking, / In the forest dome on the green meadow, / At the fair bosom of nature. Where a lindworm once walked, / There lie "snakes" - human snakes! The dragon's evil spirit is long gone. A good spirit rules there today. Where once a hero (Siegfried) ruled the valley / There are now hundreds of men / Who banish every kind of evil spirit! But not with a Siegfried spear; With a walking staff heavy! And every "Siegfried" around the row / Has "Brunhilde" with him! Where once the turmoil of battle resounded (because Siegfried wrestled with the newt). Today through the sole long / The brass music and the song sounds. And where once dragon's blood flowed, / Today vine blood flows unabated, / At Siegfried's fountain in the grove, / At the foot of our Drachenfels!

Saturday, 5 August 1967 Chronicle of the homeland Die Rheinpfalz

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