Freinsheim - Von Busch-Hof



67251 Freinsheim


Originally, today's estate "Von-Busch-Hof" belonged to a former monastic estate of the Enkenbach monastery from the 13th century. In the course of the Reformation, the monastic enterprise was dissolved. The Palatinate War of Succession put such a strain on the building that it had to be rebuilt due to damage and destruction. From the middle of the 18th century, it came into the possession of the von Busch family of Palatine officials, led by Johann Bartholomäus von Busch, once Electoral Vice-Chancellor and Director of the High Court of Appeal. As the government's chief lawyer, so to speak, he acquired the estate in Freinsheim, then known as the Eltzische Rittergut, in 1737. When the French Revolution spread to Palatinate territories, the Von Busch estate passed into French hands and was auctioned off in 1801. About 50 years later, in 1852, the then Freinsheim mayor Christian Reibold acquired the estate. By inheritance, it passed to his great-grandson, Dr Fritz-Kausch, in 1955. He donated the farm to the town of Freinsheim under the condition that it be renovated and that the property be donated to the people of Freinsheim. Today, the former tithe barn is available to the people of Freinsheim as a civic hall. The former ancestral home of the Reibold-Kausch family now serves as a hotel and a restaurant has moved into the old residential building in the inner courtyard. Between the civic hall and the restaurant, "Die Schöne Palatina" dances the dance of her life. The bronze figure by the Worms artist Karl-Heinz Oßwald, dating from 1996, symbolises the Palatine attitude to life through its ecstatic dance movement with uplifted arms and swirling robe. The deliberate change in the texture of the material reflects the unique meaning of the Palatinate: contrasting and diverse at the same time, a real attitude to life! The historic, almost 300-year-old estate with its cobblestone courtyard has been restored since 1981 and was one of the first redevelopment projects within the urban development programme of the federal states and the federal government, in which the town of Freinsheim was included in 1978.

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