Freinsheim - Vier Röhren-Brunnen


Vier Röhren Brunnen

Vier Röhren Brunnen
An der Bach
67251 Freinsheim


It served the locals, especially the winegrowers, as a calibration point for various containers. Wine barrels were also checked to see if they could still hold the correct amount of water. A defined amount of water was poured into the barrels via the calibration tanks of the facility. If not all the liquid was absorbed, the barrel had to be discarded and no longer received an official stamp. Wooden barrels can dry out and shrink in the course of their life, which is why they can then no longer hold the specified quantity. At the time when the well was used, the citizens of Freinsheim were obliged to have their standardised vessels subjected to a calibration test once a year. The area "An der Bach" was the general washing place of Freinsheim in "washing machine-less" times. Many a dirty wash was certainly done here.

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