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Verkehrsverein Freinsheim

Verkehrsverein Freinsheim
Hauptstraße 2
67251 Freinsheim

Phone : (0049) 6353 989294
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City tours "Once upon a time..."

With the pharmacist (in a robe)
walks through the town. The guest learns many interesting facts about medieval medicine production and the spice trade. What were the duties of the apothecary? Who was the dispensary? These and other questions are answered during the tour.

With the urban midwife (in robe)
her everyday life and tasks are illuminated. Guests will learn what obstetrics looked like in the Middle Ages.

With the master builder's wife (in a robe)
discover the city wall: Measurements, calculations, craftsmanship. What was a cubit? What did a crane look like and how did it work? What was there in the way of mortar? Many other building facts are answered.

On the way with the winegrower or farmer
you learn a lot of interesting facts about the everyday life of a winegrower's or farmer's family and the history of wine and winegrowing.
With the landlady (in a robe)
little anecdotes from earlier times.

Conditions for all guided tours:
Dates and meeting point by arrangement Number of participants: up to 25 persons
Price: 75,- € / guided tour
Duration: approx. 60 - 75 minutes

What a theatre!
You are on a guided tour of the city with a tour guide, but suddenly you meet personalities from a bygone era and let them share their life "behind the wall" at that time.
Price: 100,- € with one performance, 135,- € with two performances
Duration: approx. 90 minutes
Dates and meeting point by arrangement Number of participants: up to 25 persons

Contact: Freinsheim Tourist Office, or i-Punkt Freinsheim, Tel. 06353-989294,

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