Freinsheim - Schwarzes Kreuz


Schwarzes Kreuz

Schwarzes Kreuz
L 455, 200m nach Ortsausgang Rtg. Ungstein


It cannot be ruled out that the so-called "Black Cross" is an expiatory cross. In the Middle Ages, such a crucifix had to be erected at places where a murder had been committed. Often, however, such wayside shrines were also erected at road divides and at borders to other field marks. The Freinsheim cross, originally made of yellow sandstone, got its name from its colouring. It is heavily weathered and shows a crucifixion scene. There is also a very similar wayside shrine in Deidesheim. This can be clearly dated to the year 1431, which is why it is assumed that the Freinsheim cross dates from a similar time. The well-known vineyard "Schwarzes Kreuz", on which the cross stands, has an area of 81.3 ha.

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