Freinsheim - Protestantische Kirche


Protestantische Kirche

Protestantische Kirche
67251 Freinsheim


Of this originally Romanesque building, only sparse remains remain in the substructure of the tower. Today, the town church presents itself in a predominantly Gothic style, which suggests that it was built/renewed around 1470. At that time, the church was still Catholic and its patron saint was St. Peter. The nave, which was extended around 1473, shows elements of the late Gothic style. Unique for our region are also the beautiful "donkey-back arches" of the lower row of windows in the nave. Around 1592, changes were made in the Renaissance style. The magnificent southern entrance portal and a staircase turret leading to the gallery still bear witness to this period. During the great fire of 1689 during the Palatinate War of Succession, the church was also badly damaged. Repairs were carried out in the style of the new era and flat ceilings were installed. Today, the interior of the church is a baroque hall church. The so-called "Nonnenstübchen" (nuns' room), built into the upper storey of the northern side aisle, remains mysterious and is the subject of numerous legends. Today's organ was built in 1970 by Walker & Chie. from Ludwigsburg. It is equipped with two manuals, a pedal and 20 stops. In 1994, a mechanical stop control was installed.

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