Freinsheim - Planwagenfahrt mit Picknick


Urlaubsregion Freinsheim / Dt. Weinstraße

Urlaubsregion Freinsheim / Dt. Weinstraße
Hauptstraße 2
67251 Freinsheim

Phone : (0049) 6353 989294
Fax : (0049) 6353 989904


The entertaining ride in a covered wagon takes you through the vineyards around Freinsheim. After the 2-hour ride, we will stop for a snack at the Kreuzhof winery. We recommend, for example, a potato soup with steamed noodles (other suggestions on request).

approx. 3 hours
Participants: up to 125 persons at present max. 12 participants (due to Corona restrictions) and recording of contact details
Price: from 19,- € per person

opening hours