Freinsheim - Kulturverein der Verbandsgemeinde Freinsheim e.V.


Kulturverein der Verbandsgemeinde Freinsheim e.V.

Kulturverein der Verbandsgemeinde Freinsheim e.V.
67251 Freinsheim

Phone : (0049) 6353 8360


The Kulturverein der Verbandsgemeinde Freinsheim e.V. received a generous donation from the then Kreissparkasse Bad Dürkheim when it was founded in 1991. In the early years, the focus of the association was on concert events in cooperation with the music school of the municipality. At the same time, the cultural association was involved in projects such as the acquisition of the sculpture "Die schöne Palatina" by the Mainz artist Karlheinz Oswald and theatre performances. Since 1998, the cultural association has always organised a jazz workshop in the week after Easter, which is very popular. Most of the instructors have been there since the beginning, and at the end of the week they give a concert for the instructors and a concert for the participants. Jazz breakfasts in the hospital complete the programme.

Other activities include theatre performances, e.g. plays by the Chawwerusch Theatre, cabaret with Christian Habekost, Spitz & Stumpf, Arnim Töpel, Madeleine Sauveur, Two Tones and others, plus chanson evenings (with Ilona Christina Schulz and others) and occasional classical concerts. In 2018, the cultural association took over responsibility for the "Literary Reading", which was launched in 2010.

Since 2017, the "Summer Cinema", supported by the cultural association, has always taken place in August. Ten films are shown open air over ten days in the idyllic "Von-Busch-Hof".

The association has about 80 members (as of 2018) and is recognised as a non-profit organisation. Some of the members are very involved in helping to organise the events, which mostly take place at the von Busch-Hof in Freinsheim. The future programme is discussed at the annual general meeting. New members, whether active or passive, are always welcome. The membership fee is 20 € per year (as of 2020).

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