Freinsheim - Katholische Kirche St. Peter und Paul


Katholische Kirche St. Peter und Paul

Katholische Kirche St. Peter und Paul
67251 Freinsheim


The church, built in the classicist style, was erected about thirty years later in the period from 1771 to 1773 with financial support from the St. Paul Abbey in Worms. To honour this benefaction, the church was given the patron saints Peter and Paul. The Protestant church of Freinsheim had St. Peter (Peter) as its patron saint during its Catholic period. He also became the protector of the whole town. Untypical for a Catholic church, but not to be ruled out for a younger church foundation, is the church's "northing", i.e. it runs from south to north. A supraporte relief, i.e. a relief-like depiction above the entrance portal, shows the Lamentation of Christ. It is assumed that it originates from the workshop of Peter Anton von Verschaffelt, who had already left masterly works in the Jesuit Church in Mannheim and in the Mannheim Armoury as well as in the pilgrimage church in Oggersheim. Particularly noteworthy are the different forms of design. While the corpse of Jesus stands out almost in its physical entirety, the other persons around him are depicted according to their significance, right up to bas-relief. A Baroque high altar from St. Paulus Stift Worms was brought to the church, which was built with funds from the same parish. In the 1950s, the high altar in the Catholic church in Niederkirchen near Deidesheim was demolished and sold to the Catholic parish of Freinsheim. During the French period at the beginning of the 19th century, the St. Paulus Stift was dissolved. Thus the parish church of St. Martin in Niederkirchen, which had been looted by the French, could be refurnished with sacred furniture from St. Paul's in Worms, including the aforementioned high altar. Particularly noteworthy is the altarpiece embedded in it by the Grünstadt painter Johann Conrad Seekatz from the second half of the 18th century.

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