Freinsheim - Inneres Tor


Inneres Eisentor

Inneres Eisentor
67251 Freinsheim


In earlier times, the inner tower of the mighty gate protected the inhabitants on the town side. However, if intruders managed to get past the imposing outer gate, they could still be dissuaded from their plan with an effective pitch kerf. If the attacker was hit directly on the head by the hot and liquid pitch, he usually suffocated in agony. He was literally unlucky. Since the 19th century, this was believed to be the case. Today we know that rapid heating of pitch was almost impossible at that time. Instead, the opening of the bay window was used to throw stones at the enemy or to shoot arrows at him. A so-called spectacle shooting embrasure was only installed after 1500 and corresponded to an adaptation to new forms of firearms. A statue of St. Peter without a head has found its place in a stone niche. Among the people of Freinsheim, on the other hand, the story of an innocently beheaded woman, the "virgin without a head", persists. The former craftsmen's museum in the tower is still commemorated by a carillon that can be admired every hour on the hour. For this purpose, the tower window opens towards the city.

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