Freinsheim - Haintor



67251 Freinsheim


Until the 19th century, Freinsheim had two entrances, the Iron Gate in the north-east of the town and the Haintor in the south-west. The name Haintor probably comes from its orientation towards a small chestnut grove outside the gates of Freinsheim. The gate, which was built in the 15th century, originally also included a front gate with a ward and two towers, which were, however, demolished in the 19th century due to dilapidation. The tower is 15 m high and had one more storey before the Palatinate War of Succession. A drop gate, which is not functional today and is only attached for decoration, was an important part in earlier times to protect the inhabitants at night and from possible attacks. Sometimes people were panic-stricken when they did not return in time from their evening excursion and the gates were already closed. The phrase is still known to us today from this event, but it is seen more in the sense of the fear of not meeting the desired partner in time. If you leave the city through the Haintor in a westerly direction, you have a view of the Bismarck Tower, of the almost 500 m high Peterskopf in the Palatinate Forest. Not far from there is the "Lindemannsruh", an excursion restaurant named after the former head forester Lindemann. It is thanks to him that the sweet chestnut, which the Romans brought to this region, is still present in such stately numbers today.

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