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Born in 1779 as the son of the electoral titular court councillor Friedrich Ludwig Weber and his wife Katharina Josepha, née Jordan, he discovered his love of music while attending grammar school in Mannheim. However, he never disregarded his professional training in jurisprudence. After a traineeship at the Imperial Chamber Court in Wetzlar, he initially worked as a court advocate in Mannheim until he was appointed fiscal procurator in 1804. In 1818, Weber was appointed to Darmstadt and took up his work as a Court Court Advocate and, via the office of General Advocate, finally came to the position of State Procurator General in 1832. His love of music, however, remained unbroken. In 1806, he founded the Conservatory in Mannheim, which was later renamed "Harmonie", and dealt with the general teaching of music. Gottfried Weber, who was also good friends with his well-known namesake Carl Maria von Weber, achieved fame and recognition both as a thoroughbred jurist and as a composer and music theorist. Gottfried Weber died on 21 September 1839 in Bad Kreuznach.

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