Freinsheim - Eisentor



Am Zwinger
67251 Freinsheim


The "Eisentor" (iron gate) used to be called the "Worms Gate". But anyone looking for parts made of heavy metal here will search in vain. The name "Eisentor" (iron gate) is only due to the Palatine dialect. The outer gate became the "eisere Tor" (iron gate) and from this the present name "Eisentor" (iron gate). Two mighty towers take the archway in their centre. In relation to the rest of the city wall, the construction is somewhat too massive and is a demonstration of Electoral Palatine power at that time. The iron gate marked the end of the construction of the fortifications around Freinsheim at that time. The coat of arms of the Electorate of Palatinate is displayed above the entrance. Among other things, it bears the inscription of the year 1514, the year of construction. The number four, as was customary in earlier times, was depicted as half an eight. Some guests may be surprised by the "Bavarian rhombus" in the coat of arms, but it is a characteristic of the Wittelsbach dynasty, to which the Electoral Palatinate also belonged.

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