Freinsheim - Dr.-Kausch-Garten



67251 Freinsheim


The origin of this garden cannot be dated exactly. However, it is certain that the garden already existed around 1900 and that the area was divided among three different owners. In 1959, one of the three owners sold his part to the other two. Until today one can see this division into two parts. The eastern part of the garden belonged to Dr. Kausch, who in turn donated it to the town of Freinsheim. The other part still belongs to the Günther family today. Mr Arthur Günther (born 1907) laid out the garden. He put every spare minute into this garden from a very early age. In addition, he had seeds and plants sent to him from all over Europe or brought them back from his travels, which was not very common for that time. There is still old correspondence in the Günther house in which Mr Günther discussed horticultural questions with experts all over Europe.

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