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It was Freinsheim's "honourable society" that arranged conspiratorial meetings in the town wall tower in the 19th century. Participation in these events was reserved exclusively for men. The large round-arched windows and the Biedermeier portal still bear witness to this time. Since 2007, the tower has housed Germany's smallest theatre, called "Theader" in Palatine with a soft "d". There are 21 seats and there is even a small "box" in a niche in the wall. Anja Kleinhans, who lives in the neighbouring Diebesturm, is then already once the artistic director, director and perhaps the only actress of the play being performed. The trained actress now has a repertoire of 30 plays, which can be serious, light-hearted, profound or Palatine-derb. A minimum booking of 10 people for a performance is required. Recommended - and suitable for many more guests - is the free play time in summer on the lawn in front of the Theader.
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