Freinsheim - Barockgarten



Auf der Schanz
67251 Freinsheim


The Freinsheim artist Franz Lind (1900 - 1967) once saved a baroque garden house from 1807 from decay on a property in Friedhofstraße. He had it demolished, numbered the individual parts and thus ensured the continued existence of the gem. On the occasion of his 100th birthday, the house was rebuilt on its present site, given a new lease of life and surrounded by a magnificent garden. The choice of plants and the design were based on Baroque models. The garden was completed in 2002. In the centre of the two intersecting main paths is a beautiful fountain made of light sandstone by the Freinsheim sculptor Kurt Hertz. A stone ball rests on the stele. The column was decorated by the artist with the most important sights of the town.

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