Freinsheim - Aussichtspunkt Oschelskopf


Urlaubsregion Freinsheim / Dt. Weinstraße

Urlaubsregion Freinsheim / Dt. Weinstraße
Hauptstraße 2
67251 Freinsheim

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A beautiful and at the same time striking vantage point is the square at the Oschelskopf. Shortly after its placement, the imposing statue by the Freinsheim artist Kurt Hertz aroused many a mind and stimulated the imagination of some Freinsheimers. Today, the sculpture is affectionately called "Elvis". The pedestal can be used as a resting bench. The name "Oschelskopf" refers to the entire vineyard in this area. The name was derived from the Middle High German word "Osel" or "Usel", which meant a place of ash or fire. Because the shape of the terrain is a hilltop, it has become known as "Kopf".

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