Freinsheim - Altes Spital


Altes Spital

Altes Spital
Retzerstraße 5
67251 Freinsheim


At the beginning of the 19th century, the Retzer family extended and expanded the former baroque garden house into a so-called hospital. It was supposed to be a refuge for elderly citizens. After that, it had a chequered history and became increasingly dilapidated. The Old Hospital looks back on a chequered history: after its use as a hospital, it served as accommodation for so-called "compulsory year girls" during the Second World War. Young women, mainly from the Western Palatinate, were trained and employed in agriculture in Freinsheim. Some of them even stayed and married in Freinsheim. A support association took on this building in 2006. With the help of the association, the state and the town, the building was renovated from the ground up and now serves the music school, the adult education centre, the youth centre and many others as the cultural centre of the town of Freinsheim.

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