Frank Korbwaren


Frank Korbwaren GmgB & Co. KG

Frank Korbwaren GmgB & Co. KG
Pirmasenser Straße 70
66994 Dahn

Phone : (0049)63913100


That in 4. Generation-run traditional family business Frank Flechtwaren stands for quality since 1885.

In the newly designed sales room on Pirmasenser Straße in Dahn you will find a wide range of products and numerous items from the areas of basket goods, gift and decoration items as well as home and garden accessories. With the braided and wicker goods on offer you will find useful household helpers with decorative effects. Whether as a planter, bread basket or sb basket for your natural goods business: The baskets of the company Frank are versatile ...

Also there is a Frank Flechtwaren Deco Online Shop. When you visit this shop you will discover a wide range of beautiful and useful things for home, garden and trade.

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