Florum Kleinfischlingen


Ortsgemeinde Kleinfischlingen

Ortsgemeinde Kleinfischlingen
Niedergasse 5
67483 Kleinfischlingen

Phone : (0049) 6347 8816


"FLORUM" - private cultural institution of Regina and Kurt von Nida In the building of the museum in Niedergasse 3, the exhibition "ModenbachExkurs" fills two halls on 200 square meters.

An overall view of the area along the Modenbach and its tributaries is attempted with objects from nature, with text panels and with a photo documentation. A special attraction are dioramas with over 100 bird and mammal specimens in their habitats from farm gardens to water bodies. Many topics are covered from the fate of a stream to the Palatinate dialect, from the history of agriculture to groundwater. Show Garden. Behind the sandstone walls of the adjoining grounds, visitors are invited not only to enjoy the atmosphere of a guest garden, but also to enjoy, smell and taste 150 plant species from Europe's south in a recreated biotope in the Mediterranean show garden.

Guided tours and explanations by the expert pharmacist couple Kurt and Regina von Nida about the special plants, which are mostly used for seasoning and healing, are part of the program. A large number of plant species in the Palatine department can also be presented. 360 medicinal plants from all over the world in dried form represent a treasure trove for the amazed fans of natural medicine. The exhibitions and show gardens can be visited free of charge on Sundays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. or by appointment by telephone (Tel. 06347/8816).

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