Feuerwehr Dahn


Freiwillige Feuerwehr Dahn

Freiwillige Feuerwehr Dahn
An der Feuerwache 1
66994 Dahn

Phone : (0049) 6391 2750


During every fire brigade operation in the community of Dahner Felsenland, the fire brigade operations centre (FEZ) is occupied at the fire station in Dahn. It is the most important management tool of the operations manager. Depending on the damage situation, it is responsible for alerting other emergency services and contacting other aid organisations or authorities.

The team of the Volunteer Fire Brigade Dahn is currently made up of 52 active military personnel, 10 of them women. As in any voluntary fire brigade, the ranks of the Dahn fire brigade reflect a variety of professions. Among other things, there are foresters, emergency paramedics, paramedics, students, students, financial officials, trainees, contractors, bricklayers, plant managers, heating engineers... and many more professions.

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