Festplatz Merzalben mit Waschbrunnen


The fairground on Hammelsbachstraße in Merzalben is the venue for the traditional "Brunnengässelfest" every year. The namesake of this event, during which the entire place celebrates, is the beautiful fountain that adjoins the fairground at the rear. The Merzalbe brook, after which the village is named, also flows through the area. A small bridge leads to the children's playground and the table tennis table. A place for families with children to linger and relax.

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Festplatz mit Brunnengässel
Hammelsbachstraße 1
66978 Merzalben

Website: http://merzalben.de/
E-Mail: ortsbuergermeister@merzalben.de
Phone: (+49) 6395 6233