Feldkapelle am Friedhof


Friedhof Göcklingen

Friedhof Göcklingen
76831 Göcklingen


The field chapel at the cemetery was built in 1717/18 by Mayor Dilmann, son of Peter Tylmann, who had immigrated from the Spanish Netherlands, in the (at that time) open field. The cemetery opposite was not opened until 1828. Previously, the cemetery was located in the churchyard near the Catholic Church. Already there, Protestants and Catholics, who owned both parts of the churchyard, were buried spatially separated from each other.

When in 1817 a new cemetery regulation was put into force by "decree of a high government", which ordered, among other things, that burial places must be at least 35 – 40 meters away from built-up towns and spots, the new cemetery was planned outside the village. And here, too, in order to avoid disputes, they were buried separately according to denominations.

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