Fachzahnärztin für Oralchirurgie Dr. Ingrid Kästel

Bad Dürkheim

Fachzahnärztin für Oralchirurgie

Fachzahnärztin für Oralchirurgie
Mannheimer Straße 11 a
67098 Bad Dürkheim

Phone : (0049) 6322 9888333


With over 20 years of experience and my joy in my profession, I find suitable solutions even for big challenges. This security creates a relaxed, trusting atmosphere. Patients are given the time they need for their information with us. We actively involve patients in the counselling process so that they can make their own decisions. The basis of our consultation is joint therapy planning with the family dentist as prosthodontist.

We are your reliable surgical partner, see ourselves as your surgical airbag. Implantology, which helps patients to achieve aesthetics, function and a secure feeling, is our passion. To ensure this in the future, we continuously educate ourselves.

We use fast communication channels to inform the general dentist at which step of the treatment his patient is currently at and when he will come back to him.

Bright, modern rooms, the latest technical equipment and the highest standards of hygiene are a matter of course for us.

We are committed to our local wine tradition and reflect this visually in the design of our practice. Professionalism, regionality and a sense of security are important to us. The range of surgical services, coupled with feminine charm and always a touch of humour, is guaranteed with us.

We are your reliable surgical partner.

Treatment spectrum / range of services:
- Dental volume tomography (DVT)
- three-dimensional X-ray diagnostics
- Augmentation - bone augmentation
- Sinus lift
- Extraction
- tooth removal
- with/without socket preservation
- Removal of wisdom teeth
- Removal of root tips
- orthograde/retrograde
- Cyst removal
- Dentogenic focussing
- Inflammatory surgery
- Treatment of dentoalveolar accidents
- Exposure and slinging of teeth for orthodontics
- Palatal implants for orthodontics
- Bony anchorage via plates or pins for orthodontics
- Aesthetic gum treatment
- Periodontal surgery
- Peri-implantitis treatment
- Oral mucosa diseases

All surgical treatments are also possible under anaesthesia.

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