Evangelische Martinskirche


Martinskirche Leinsweiler

Martinskirche Leinsweiler
Kirchstraße 8
76829 Leinsweiler


The Evangelical St. Martin's Church in Leinsweiler dates back to the 13th century. However, the history of the church goes back to the late Merovian period, in the 7th/8th century. It was probably donated as a chapel to the court of the Franconian local founder Landswinda and consecrated to the Franconian national saint St. Martin.

It is a hall building with a late Gothic choir, nave and tower. The sundial dates from 1596, church courtyard gate and sandstone staircase to the church were added in the 18th century. In 1978, the church was simply equipped with a Klais organ, which sounds at the Leinsweiler Music Weeks.

St. Martin's Church is located on sternenweg. A pilgrim's stamp can be awarded at the Tourism Office in Leinsweiler, Hauptstraße 4. The church is one of the cultural monuments of the place.

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