Evangelische Kirche St. Ägidius Impflingen


Evangelisch Kirche St. Ägidius

Evangelisch Kirche St. Ägidius
Kirchstraße 3
76831 Impflingen


The small, inconspicuous Protestant church is a little hidden behind the historic town hall in Impflingen. When exactly the church was built there can no longer be determined today, the first documentary mention it received in 1249. But long before the church was built, this square was of particular importance.

In 1739, a Mercury carved in stone was discovered in the church during reparations. In Roman times, the god Mercury was already worshipped here. In 1910, a Roman stone coffin and an old god's stone stone were found in the present churchyard. Inside the church there are some pieces of jewelry. First and foremost the historic Krämer organ from 1778. But also the stone pulpit, which is decorated with foliage work, is one of them. The church is one of the cultural monuments of the place.

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