Prot. Pfarrkirche


Evangelische Kirche

Evangelische Kirche
Schulstraße 6
76831 Göcklingen


A small church had already stood on this site before, but it had to be demolished due to poor foundation. The new church, built as a Reformed church, was built in 1788-89 in the classicist style. The Baroque pulpit (1725) and parts of the gallery were taken from the old church and incorporated into the new church. The church windows were designed in 1934 by glass painter Kölbel from Kaiserslautern and show the holidays Christmas, Good Friday and Easter. A baroque roof hood crowns the church tower.

In both the 1st and 2nd World Wars, the larger of the two bells had to be delivered. In the 2nd World War, the south windows of the church were also destroyed when the Kaiserbach Bridge was blown up. Today, the Protestant church is a cultural monument of Göcklingen.

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