Erpolzheim - Protestantische Kirche


Protestantische Kirche

Protestantische Kirche
67167 Erpolzheim


There is documentary evidence of a church dedicated to St. Alban and St. Sylvester in Erpolzheim in 1496. Erpolzheim in 1496, but it was probably founded as early as around 1000 as a gift from the Salier Konrad the Red to the monastery St. Alban in Mainz. Nothing is known about the early construction of the church, except for the demolition of the dilapidated building in 1846. The church was built between 1847 and 49 at a cost of 15,000 guilders. of the 570 Erpolzheim Protestants. From other denominations 9 Catholics, 20 Mennonites and 7 Jews were registered in the village. The listed vicarage next to the church was built around 1750.

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