Erntsiegelbrunnen (Esthaler Brunnenweg)


Ortsgemeine Esthal

Ortsgemeine Esthal
Klosterstraße 16
67472 Esthal

Phone : (+49)6325 8185


Retired forester Werner Moser was the forest ranger of the Wolfsgrube area from 1963 to 1993, living in the Wolfsgrube forester's lodge. During his time of service, he had the well dug by his master forester Fritz Herter with the help of forestry worker Heinrich Baumann. The well was named "Erntsiegelbrunnen" because it is located in the "Erntsiegeler Hang" forest section. Even Heinrich Weintz, a local historian from Elmstein, could not figure out what the word "Erntsiegel" means, so this expression will remain a mystery.

Albert Kuhn and Helmut Weitzel overhauled the fountain in 2015 and erected a name stone with the inscription "Erntsiegelbrunnen" chiselled into it.

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