Erlebnispfad Billigheimer Bruch



Near Billligheim-Ingenheim is the former "Billigheimer Bruch" moor with periodically wet meadows, fields, pastures, running and still waters as well as isolated reed areas and even swamp forest. This environment is an ideal habitat for insects, birds and amphibians. Small herds of water buffalo graze on the extensively cultivated areas and nearby the 300 m long adventure trail with eight stations provides information about the various habitats of these animal inhabitants, tells the story of the quarry and how this nature conservation project makes an important contribution to environmental and climate protection. And all this with a beautiful view included. The adventure trail for young and old is definitely worth a trip!

Address & directions: Billigheimer Bruch, 76831 Billigheim-Ingenheim. Access to 76872 Hergersweiler possible. There is parking here. Follow the Billigheimer Weg on foot from the end of the village for approx. 900 m to the north, then turn right.

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