Elmar-Weiler-Festhalle Herxheim

Herxheim bei Landau

Festhalle Herxheim

Festhalle Herxheim
Bonifatiusstr. 22
76863 Herxheim

Phone : (0049) 7276 5010
Fax : (0049) 7276 501250


The Festhalle is an open house and an ideal venue for regional and national events. The premises shine in new splendour and a modern, contemporary ambience. In a central location, in the heart of Herxheim, culture can be enjoyed, celebrated and meetings held under the best conditions - sufficient parking spaces, open space, barrier-free ground floor.

Everything is possible, from a festive reception in the Small Hall with terrace to a ball in the Large Hall or a private celebration, for example:

theatre, concerts, musicals

Conferences, seminars, training courses

company events, product presentations

club parties, club celebrations

Balls and dance events

Christmas celebrations, carnival events

Private celebrations such as wedding, communion, confirmation, anniversaries and birthdays etc.

Since 1 June 2014 the Festhalle Herxheim has a new tenant. Hotel specialist Evangelos Garofillou has already gained extensive experience with events in the Festhalle under the previous tenant in a responsible position. Together with his wife Eva and his team, the new tenant will continue the attractive offer and the well-known good service.

Qualified kitchen and service personnel and exquisite menus personally tailored to your needs are a guarantee that your wedding, birthday party or club celebration will be a complete success.

To plan your event, Mr. Garofillou is available at (0163) 7326588 or e-mail garofillou@web.de very gladly for you there. The Festhalle will continue to be managed by the Herxheim Association of Municipalities.

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