Neustadt Railway Museum


Eisenbahnmuseum und Kuckucksbähnel

Eisenbahnmuseum und Kuckucksbähnel
Schillerstraße 3
67433 Neustadt an der Weinstraße

Phone : (0049) 6321 30390


Neustadt/Weinstraße Railway Museum is one of the two railway museums of the German Association for Railway History (DGEG). It is stylishly housed in the locomotive shed, a building dating back to the early days of the region's railways. This locomotive shed was built by the Palatinate Railway and is still largely in its original condition. The last two steam locomotives from the Palatinate Railway era, still preserved in their original condition, are exhibited here, namely the Palatinate T1 "Schaidt" and a Palatinate T5. We also show you a replica of an express train locomotive ("Die Pfalz") from the early days of the railway, which is a Crampton model. These and other exhibits, such as the "Berg" and the engine body of the PtL 2/2, are truly unique rarities that we are particularly proud of, even if their popularity is nowhere near that of an 01 or 44. The collection would certainly be incomplete without vehicles from the time of the German National Railway; the E17 and ET11 can be mentioned here as examples.

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