Ehemaliges Kloster Höningen


Kloster Höningen

Kloster Höningen
Höninger Hauptstraße 27
67317 Altleiningen - Höningen

Phone : (0049) 6359 8001 3002
Fax : (+49) 6359 8001 8309


The monastery of Höningen was founded in 1120 by Count Emich II of Leiningen and was occupied by Augustinian choirmasters. The abbey church of the monastery was the bones of the Leininger Count family for many centuries. The existence of the monastery was extinguished in January 1569 in the course of the Reformation. Philip of Leiningen appointed the first Lutheran priest. Two months later, a devastating fire broke out in the monastery. All buildings including the church were destroyed. Philipp had the buildings partially rebuilt and founded a "Latin School", the forerunner of today's "Leininger Gymnasium" in Grünstadt. In the "Thirty Years' War" the monastery was destroyed again. Only a few remnants, such as the western gable of the abbey church, remind of the church and the monastery.

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