Ehemalige Klosterkirche St. Lambrecht

Lambrecht (Pfalz)

Prot. Kirche Lambrecht (Pfalz)

Prot. Kirche Lambrecht (Pfalz)
Marktstraße 29
67466 Lambrecht


The former monastery church of St. Lambrecht, built between 1320 and 1343, is considered to be the most important jewel of the reductionist Gothic style in the Palatinate. Its choir walls are painted with seccos that were violently damaged and plastered over in pictorial fervour, but were uncovered and carefully restored in 1955.

The depictions also include a sequence of pictures with the Quirinus legend from the 14th century. The church's baroque organ, built by Johann Georg Geib in 1777, is almost original. In addition to church services, it is often used for remarkable concerts of church music.

The church is either open during the service on Sunday mornings from 10.00 - 11.30 (to attend the service) or the key can be collected from the Prot. Pfarramt in Gartenstr. 18 (06325 8154) or from Sabine's Marktständel opposite the church (06325 980273) during office hours.

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