Dürkheimer Fuchsmantel

Bad Dürkheim

Tourist Information

Tourist Information
Kurbrunnenstr. 21c
67098 Bad Dürkheim

Phone : (0049) 6322 935 4500


Size: 30.2 ha
Subsoil: Sands and loams, coloured sands, loess.
Name: Scenic site below the flag tower. The site "wraps around" the tower like a mantle widening downwards ("collar" at the top around the tower, "train" at the bottom of the at the bottom of the hill). Relatively dry, but quickly warmable, light sandy soils at the top. Enables light, fresh, fruity growths of Silvaner, Riesling and co. Below, heavier, well-moistened soils that are more likely to produce dense and powerful whites. and more powerful white wines.

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