Dürkheim-Ungsteiner Michelsberg

Bad Dürkheim

Size: 7.7 ha


Subsoil: (shell) limestone


Name: Chapel in honour of St. Michael, pilgrimage destination and origin of the Dürkheim sausage market.

Outstanding vineyard, first mentioned in 1155, oldest named vineyard in the Palatinate. Origin millions of years ago

as a coral reef in a tropical sea. Well-aerated soil and heat-storing sandstone walls, as well as southeast-facing terraced slope.

The well-aerated soil and heat-retaining sandstone walls, as well as the southeast-facing terraced slope, prevent frost damage, allow for long vegetation periods and make the Michelsberg an excellent Riesling site: mineral, strong, soft and "creamy" Rieslings. The VDP "ennobled" it as a site for "Große Gewächse" (www.vdp.de).


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