Dr. Johann Peter Frank Museum


Dr. Johann-Peter-Frank Museum

Dr. Johann-Peter-Frank Museum
Schulstraße 9
66976 Rodalben

Phone : (+49) 6331 17101


Johann Peter Frank, born on March 19, 1745 in Rodalben, died on April 21, 1821 in Vienna, was one of the most important German physicians of the 18th century. He was the founder of hygiene as a science and co-founder of the public health service. In the Dr. Johann-Peter-Frank-Museum of Dr. Johann Peter Frank Society - housed in the Dr. Lederer Haus, also known as the House of Culture - honors a bronze bust made by Karl Nuding, the city's most famous son. The multi-volume main work "System einer Complete Medizicinischen Policey", in which Johann Peter Frank made his findings and demands, as well as a fund of writings and documents about and by the famous doctor, are also exhibited there (opening times: by telephone arrangement at 06331/17101).

The birth house of Dr. Johann-Peter Frank is also in Rodalben, on the corner of Haupt- and Dr. Johann-Peter-Frank-Straße, where a square with sculptures designed by the local artist Stephan Müller is dedicated to him.

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