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"First the word, then the plant, finally the knife." Aesculap


Especially in paediatrics, these principles must apply:


- enough time for conversation


- a thorough physical examination


- sensible additional examinations if they are necessary


Evidence-based allopathy, psychosomatic medicine, classical homeopathy and modern hypnosis therapy are among our wide range of qualifications, which enable us to provide our (young) patients with well-being, safety and therapeutic success.





- The entire general paediatric spectrum: ECG, lung function, sonography of the abdomen, sonography of the infant hip, sonography of the thyroid gland and all child and adolescent screening examinations.


- Allergy diagnostics


- prick testing, laboratory diagnostics (RAST)


Additional qualifications:

-classical homeopathy

hypnosis therapy, auto-system hypnosis, e.g. in the case of

Somatoform disorders, pain syndromes, migraine,

anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorders, behavioural disorders,

enuresis, learning disorders, crisis management, exhaustion and stress symptoms

Addiction, smoking cessation, eating disorders, obesity

Immune modulation, supportive cancer therapy

Success-enhancing self-hypnosis techniques, etc.

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