Dorfleben - Das Ladencafe im Alten Rathaus

Weyher in der Pfalz

Dorfleben - Das Ladencafé im Alten Rathaus

Dorfleben - Das Ladencafé im Alten Rathaus
Josef- Meyer - Straße 25
76835 Weyher


Enjoy delicacies in the historic town hall of Weyher in the Palatinate! The name "Dorfleben" (village life) says it all: This is where locals and guests meet for casual conversation, because conveniently it is both a village store with baked goods and things for daily use and a café. There is always something very special on Fridays and Saturdays: pâtisserie by the German vice pastry chef Christina Kübler, who lives in Weyher and supplies the "Dorfleben" with her works of art. But there are also many other regional delicacies, such as jams from Heike Martin from Bellheim, mustards and salts from Tom Schlick from St. Martin, honey from the Homuth apiary in Albersweiler and coffee from KFE in Landau. The store café is located in the more than 400-year-old town hall in the center of the beautiful winegrowing village of Weyher and has already undergone many changes. A special feature, which is now open to the public, is the snail-shaped sandstone staircase in the tower. You can enjoy the "village life" in any weather: in the sun on the quiet village square, in the shade under the town hall arcades or in cool weather in the old council hall. The special charm of the store café is complemented by photographs of the operator Richard Zinken and cyanotypes by Stephanie Hanel. Just take a look!

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