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The Mollenkopf is a 506-metre-high mountain in the Palatinate Forest 2 km north-east of Esthal and about 1.5 km east of Morschbacherhof. Its summit is located in the district of Weidenthal and lies in the district of Bad Dürkheim in Rhineland-Palatinate. Sandstone rocks of the Mollenkopffels can be found in the summit area.

The Dolmen


In ancient times, people built mysterious dolmens out of huge stones. Some say they were "dolmens", others say they were "cultic places of initiation for Druid priests". Isn't the human skull also a dolmen: the burial place of dead thinking that only clings to matter, or the holy of holies in which living thinking seeks to penetrate to the essential?

Enter into yourself - into the recessed space - between burdening and carrying! Gradually all questions fall silent. And in the waking dream - you see origin, meaning and being. (K. Winkler)

A dolmen (from Cornish tolmen 'stone table') is usually a megalithic tomb built of large, unhewn or hewn stone blocks. It consists of three or more upright supporting stones (orthostats) on which one or more cover slabs rest. Dolmens are traditionally addressed as the simplest form of megalithic tomb. In Europe, dolmens were mostly originally covered by mounds of stones or earth. (Source. Wikipedia)

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