Ortsgemeinde Dernbach

Ortsgemeinde Dernbach
Am Pfalzhof 6
76857 Dernbach

Phone : (0049) 6345 918 279


Numerous well-marked trails around Dernbach and the castles of the valley creating an ideal infrastructure for hikers and mountain bikers. A dozen forest huts around the Dernbachtal invite you to rest - just like the Dernbacher restaurants - with hearty specialties and good Palatinate wine. For friends of boule there are three lanes. You can also visit the early Gothic Catholic church, including frescoes from the 14th century and the wooden pulpit dating from the 16th century in the Protestant church. Near Dernbach you see the ruin Neuscharfeneck, which is the forth-largest in the Palatinate.

Walking on the Keschdeweg is particularly attractive at the time of chestnut blossom or in autumn when the chestnuts ripen. The 11 km long Marktweg guides you to the ancient market place Landau. For today's hikers it is a pleasure, for the heavily laden farmers on their way to the weekly market in Landau it was not so sure.

On the 3rd Sunday in July Dernbach hosts the " Keerschehooge " Kerwe, because Dernbach was formerly famous for its cherries. Since only high strains were grown, the cherry harvesters were using ladders and to pick the most beautiful and largest cherries, which were located at the extreme tips of branches, one had to use the so-called " Keerschehooge " (cherry hook) to pick the cherries.

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