alla hopp! facility Deidesheim


Tourist-Information Deidesheim

Tourist-Information Deidesheim
Bahnhofstr. 5
67146 Deidesheim

Phone : (0049) 06326 96770


The alla hopp! facility

This exercise and meeting facility is open to all generations, infants and school children, teenagers and adults of all ages. The facility is divided into four adventure areas geared towards the different target groups.

This unique facility (with total costs in the range of €2.2 million) could not have been designed and built without the generous support of the alla hopp! Foundation of patron Dietmar Hopp.

There are also car parks, a space that can be used in bad weather and sanitary facilities. The facility can be reached by public transport.

Bürgermeister-Oberhettinger-Str. 1, Deidesheim, Germany

Open all year round.

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