The dike wall above Wilgartswiesen is a popular climbing rock made of red sandstone. Beginners can also complete tours here. The dyke wall can be reached via the Wilgartswieser Biosphere Path premium hiking trail. From the starting point at Falkenburghalle, a sure-footed hiker can reach the impressive rock face, which protrudes majestically in bright red tones from the green of the forest, via a path secured with wire ropes.

Depending on how the sun is, you can admire a great play of colors in red, brown and orange. On the topmost rock of the dyke wall, there is a very airy, small viewing platform with a railing and a seating area, from where you can enjoy a sublime view of the surrounding mountains and the Falkenburg. An ideal place to relax and recharge your batteries. In addition, the rock offers a very varied climbing with some beautiful cracks, gullies, slabs and cross passages in the lower and middle segment. You should definitely climb the traverse 5+ once. It leads past the wall book, always directly below the large roof and can be secured very well with cams.

The slab climbing in the central part of the wall is also very demanding. The western pillar is waiting for you with a lot of wall climbing of medium difficulty. The rear dyke wall is also a small, interesting rock with useful climbing paths, while the front dyke wall hardly offers any potential and its approach is very difficult.

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