Chawwerusch Theater

Herxheim bei Landau

Chawwerusch Theater

Chawwerusch Theater
Obere Hauptstr. 14
76863 Herxheim bei Landau

Phone : (0049) 7276 5991


Chawwerusch is the professional theatre collective of the Southern Palatinate, which brings history and stories to life. Every year two to five new productions are performed in their own venue, the Theatersaal in Herxheim. Many guest performances and a regular open stage on Friday evenings provide a colourful cultural offer in the rural region.

Again and again, the theatre searches for the stories behind the history and in doing so promotes long forgotten things from the archives. After an intensive process of improvisation and experiment, the finds are transformed into an immediate stage experience that builds a bridge between the people of today and the past. The high-level language and various dialects and language forms are used on an equal footing, whereby the Chawwerusch does not see itself as a local dialect theatre. An integral part of all pieces is the music, which is usually composed and arranged especially for the respective piece and sung and played live by the actors. Thus, over three decades, an unmistakable signature was created, which is loved by a loyal audience and amazes new audiences.

In addition to its own productions, the Chawwerusch Theater also looks at and stages classics and contemporary plays from 'crazy' perspectives. But no matter if it's with Kleist's Michael Kohlhaas or a new interpretation of the story of Romeo and Juliet, the Chawwerusch makes theatre by people for people, always close to the people and their current world of experience, sometimes irritating, but always with a wink, according to the Chawwerusch motto: funny, tragic, hearty.

Since 2014, the "Expedition Chawwerusch" has been a division of the Chawwerusch Theater that is explicitly aimed at young people. Every year a new production is released, which is performed in Herxheim and as a guest performance outside. In addition, the expedition provides for many guest performances in the theatre hall, which especially inspire the young audience. The youth club "Theaterscouts" shows its acting skills at theatre festivals and its own show.

For those who want to enjoy theatre in a historical ambience, there is a special event at Hambach Castle near Neustadt. In cooperation with the "Restaurant 1832", the Chawwerusch Theatre presents the "Hambach Festival Banquet" within the walls steeped in history, where an exquisite menu is served in addition to entertaining and exciting stories about the Hambach Festival. Tickets and information are available at 06321-926290 or

Inspired by unusual themes and locations, the Chawwerusch Theater also produces large-scale projects with amateurs on a high artistic level. For these productions, intensive research is carried out in advance and regional history and stories are transformed into rousing stage events in the here and now. One example of such a production in 2017 was "Der kleine Luther - Eine Landauer Reformationsgeschichte in mehreren Stationen" with over 100 amateur actors and more than 4000 spectators. Information about the program of the Chawwerusch Theater in its own house and on the road as well as an online ticket sale for all performances in the Herxheimer Theatersaal can be found at

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