Celenus Parkklinik Bad Bergzabern

Bad Bergzabern

Celenus Parkklinik Bad Bergzabern

Celenus Parkklinik Bad Bergzabern
Kurtalstraße 83-85
76887 Bad Bergzabern

Phone : (0049) 6343 9420
Fax : (0049) 6343 942299


We work according to a behavioral medicine concept that combines the knowledge of modern orthodox medicine with findings from clinical, scientifically based behavioral therapy and other relevant basic subjects.

Our rehabilitation concept is based on a holistic approach to treatment that focuses on the rehabilitant. In doing so, it is important to us to create an atmosphere in which people feel comfortable.

One of the main focuses of our therapy is body behavior therapy. With the help of the Feldenkrais method, we offer the possibility to recognize and optimize movement patterns. With the mindfulness group we train self-awareness and improve self-organization.

The goal of each treatment is to strengthen the individual and to enable him or her to take responsibility for his or her own professional and private life.

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