Bushaltestelle Walsheim Buswendeplatz


Bushaltestelle Buswendeplatz

Bushaltestelle Buswendeplatz
Haupstraße 1
76833 Walsheim


Bus stop Walsheim

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The bus stop Walsheim Buswendeplatz is located in the main street, at the end of the village. The bus stop is connected to the bus lines 501 of Palatina Bus and 539 of QNV (Queichtal Nahverkehr), which connect Walsheim with Neustadt and Landau. Line 501: Direction Neustadt, the bus goes via Roschbach, Böchingen, Flemlingen, Hainfeld, Edesheim, Edenkoben, St. Martin, Maikammer, Neustadt-Diedesfeld and Neustadt-Hambach to Neustadt. In the direction of Landau, the bus goes directly to Landau. Rotation: Monday to Friday: hourly Saturday and Sunday: every 2 hours Line 539: Direction Landau the bus goes via Knöringen, Essingen, Dreihof, Bornheim and Landau-Dammheim to Landau and further via Landau-Queichheim to Landau-Mörlheim. Rotation: Monday to Sunday: hourly Departure times can be found at www.vrn.de

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