Bushaltestelle Heuchelheim Abzw. Klingen


Bushaltestelle Heuchelheim Abzw. Klingen

Bushaltestelle Heuchelheim Abzw. Klingen
Hauptstraße 6
76831 Heuchelheim-Klingen


The bus stop Heuchelheim Abzw. Klingen is located in the main street at the end of the village in the direction of Billigheim-Ingenheim.

The bus stop is connected to the bus line 540 of the QNV (Queichtal Nahverkehr), which connects Heuchelheim-Klingen with Landau and Bad Bergzabern.

Direction Landau the bus goes via Billigheim-Ingenheim and Impflingen to Landau.

In the direction of Bad Bergzabern, the bus travels via Göcklingen, Klingenmünster, Gleiszellen-Gleishorbach and Pleisweiler-Oberhofen to Bad Bergzabern. Rotation: Monday to Friday: hourly Saturday and Sunday: every 2 hours You can find the departure times at www.vrn.de

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