Bushaltestelle Eschbach Ortsmitte


Bushaltestelle Eschbach

Bushaltestelle Eschbach
Weinstraße 71
76831 Eschbach


The bus stop Eschbach Ortsmitte is located in the Weinstraße near the Rutschbrunnen.

 The bus stop is connected to the bus line 531 of the QNV (Queichtal Nahverkehr), which connects Eschbach with Landau and Annweiler. When boarding on the side of the fountain, the bus travels via Klingenmünster, Münchweiler, Silz, Gossersweiler-Stein and Völkersweiler to Annweiler.

If boarding on the opposite side of the fountain, the bus travels via Ilbesheim and Landau-Wollmesheim to Landau.

Rotation: Monday to Friday: hourly Saturday and Sunday: every 2 hours

You can find the departure times at www.vrn.de

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