Burgruine Wasigenstein/F


Tourist Information Dahner Felsenland

Tourist Information Dahner Felsenland
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Castle ruin Wasigenstein/F

The Wasigenstein is a double castle ruin dating from the middle of the 13th century. Two separate constructions are situated on sandstone rocks separated by a deep and steep gorge. Located even higher is the “old castle”, and to the west the “new castle”. Both constructions have known numerous owners and had to be continuously shared among those. Wasigenstein castle was damaged by fire during the Thirty Years’ War and completely destroyed during the Nine Years’ War. Remains of the castle today are rock hewn stairways, chambers and the curtain wall. The ruin was made famous by the Waltharius song (the battle of Waltharius against Gunter and Hagen).

This Premium-Trail leads to the castle: Franco-German Castle Trail (Deutsch-Französischer Burgenweg)

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