Burgruine Petit Arnsbourg/F

Schoenau (Pfalz)

Tourist Information Dahner Felsenland

Tourist Information Dahner Felsenland
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66994 Dahn

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Castle ruin Petit Arnsbourg/F

The ruin of Petit Arnsbourg castle is located above Obersteinbach. This castle dating back to the 14th century was hewn into steep cliffs. It is a typical example of the small feudal residences in the Alsaceregion. Stairways and passages as well as the remains of the small residential building and the high tower on the uphill side have been preserved. Peculiar rock stairs wind their way upward to the upper castle. The ruin is romantically situated in the forest and invites visitors to linger. It offers a beautiful view over the commune of Obersteinbach.

This Premium-Trail leads to the castle: Franco-German Castle Trail (Deutsch-Französischer Burgenweg)

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